Floriane / Centre Médical de Micronutrition et d’Esthetique<br/>(Installation and adaptation of a new theme)

« The service was done on time without delay. »

« Very easy communication, no problem with the distance. »

Karina / Smart Nutrition Health<br/>(Website creation)

« I am very satisfied with the quality and the speed at which my site was done. »
« The communication was very easy when I sent emails, I immediately received an answer. »

Mounir / Property Clean<br/>(Creation of a showcase website)

« Very reasonable time to finish the project »

« Very responsive in replying to emails. »

Marie / Lynxx Business Solutions SA<br/>(Creation of a professional website)

« M.Chopard is very professional and is especially attentive to the needs of his customers. The specification was strictly complied with some improvements and suggestions. »

« By email, Mr Chopard is very accessible and replies very quickly. We have not had any major problems in relation to the distance. Rather, he is more responsive than some local companies. »